Trump’s announcement is imminent — this post should be read in light of my September 9 2021 post where I predicted he would run and win in 2024, and my June 17 2022 post where I lamented the fact that Trump 2024 is even a possibility.

Returning from Anchorage where he endorsed his future running mate Sarah Palin, Trump was bubbly during an interview for New York Magazine, his narcissism at full throttle. Everything, always, is about DJT. The man simply can’t not run.

Why am I so afraid he’ll win?

Because of the morans.

Columbia University professor of linguistics John McWhorter in 2017 described Trump’s language as ‘unadorned‘ and remarked how his idiolect resembles that of pre-literate societies. But, respectfully, I think the professor was wrong.

Trump is the harbinger of a post-literate America.

Tens of millions of Americans (and Australians) are sick of being told.

While it’s not exactly Nazi book burning 1933, those that can should re-read Bradbury’s Farenheit 451 before things get hectic. Earth Abides by George R. Stewart also, which inspired Stephen King’s The Stand and a metric shit-tonne of post-apocalyptic goodness, including my favourite PC-game Fallout 4.

2024 WTF?

It isn’t radscorpions-under-the-bed we should beware, but the radscorpion who votes Republican in 2024. What exactly is going on in that tiny, arachnid brain?

Fear, and Sarah Palin’s boobs.

2024 WTLF!?

That’s it, and that’s all. Fearful and fear-mongering at the same time, Roosevelt’s “nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror” echoes in Trump’s ever word. His voters lap that crazy shit up and nod their heads.

Himself barely semi-literate, Trump harbors a weird, psychotic fear of people who read. So he rants about educated ‘elites’ and his voters take up torch and pitchfork.

What happens if he does get elected is anybody’s guess. Polls show that Trump was such an embarrassment to the GOP that he’s unlikely to win, but who trusts polls anymore? I could toss a coin and be more confident.

That’s how 2024 feels to me right now in July 2022 — a coin toss. I’m not confident Biden will be alive, let alone fit to contest the next election. And while I backed Kamala Harris in an earlier post, her popularity has tanked.

A coin toss.

Of course, the ‘elites’ are shouting from the rooftops, but nobody is listening. I’ll end this with a warning which most will never read, and far fewer will heed, from Tom Nichols at The Atlantic:

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