I was watching the Trump rally at Cullman, Alabama, because I wanted a hint as to his state of mind. Donald did a 180 and endorsed vaccination. Of course, he had no choice. But his endorsement opened wide the gate for more Republicans to step back from an untenable position.

There was some booing, but I’d expect to see the rank and file fall into line.

Which tells you something.

A majority of Republicans still follow Trump, notwithstanding he remains coy about his plans for 2024. Once he secures a social media platform to restart his stream-of-consciousness ranting (whether Gettr or something of his own) it won’t take long to divine his intentions.

The time is ripe.

The right wing media are panting. The only game in town right now is mocking Joe Biden for the Afghanistan retreat, his failure to kill COVID dead, and his alleged senility.

This despite the fact everyone knows it was Trump who sold out Afghanistan when he signed a ‘peace deal’ with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, on 29 Feb last year. Everyone knows it was Trump who opened the barn doors and let the orange pony of pestilence bolt.

But nobody cares.

We expect this sort of hypocrisy from Trump supporters, but it’s particularly galling, given The Donald’s demonisation of Obama for going soft on the ‘sworn enemy’ in the early stages of Donald’s run for the presidency. For his belligerent refusal to acknowledge the existence, let alone the potential consequences of the pandemic.

Given his rehetoric is much the same, the only question is whether he’s capturing enough attention WITHOUT being the presidential candidate for 2024. Would he yield the limelight to another Republican contender? I think everybody knows the answer to that.

Anticipating that these are the opening salvos of Trump’s third presidential campaign, I am going to make three predictions: he will contest the election; his slogan will be “Save America Again,” and, he will win.


I said it, and I can’t take it back now.

Oh god. I can’t do another four years. Conservatives acting like they’ve ‘owned the libs’ because they bought a t-shirt. Trump’s already bought the Supreme Court, so I guess the chances of seeing justice in America are about as unlikely as seeing democracy in action.

Picture him pumping his tiny little fists in the air to a crowd of demented Floridians, “Did you miss me?” he’ll smirk, waddling around the stage, bathing in the drug which no gold digger stripper wife or GOP asslicker can give him — love.

As Michael Wolff succinctly puts it in the NYT, “sound the alarm.” Because there’s only one person who can save America, and that’s the future first female President of the United States.

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