Erik Kaisson is an Australian crime-horror-fantasy-anything writer who in 2013 accepted a dare from his sneaky daughter to write something or SHUT THE FUCK UP — so he wrote a novel in three parts called “The Barrier Series” available in e-book format on Amazon for less than the cost of a takeaway coffee.

Kaisson is currently writing a straight detective novel based in the US Midwest, trying his hand at bad poetry, plotting a ‘dark gothic fairytale’ not for children, and has reactivated a high fantasy epic he has been writing on and off since 1986 that will make the ‘Wheel of Time’ series seem like a haiku.

Kaisson is an introvert, but not especially shy, lives happily in his head most of the time, and will continue writing whether people like it or not because there is a bucket of ideas in his head that constantly needs emptying.

He welcomes you to the blog, and apologises if there isn’t enough ‘writerly’ stuff among the self-reflective diarising, but, you know, that just how it is.




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