Wordle is doing my head in.

Serendipity be my friend, because there’s no tactic to help you with this bullshit:


Of course it’s always going to be the last one you try (even if it’s the first), but why that type of word? If it’s too hard for the organic think-machines at Wordle Inc. to come up with something abstruse yet fair then just get a random poot to pick out a five-letter word.

What shits me most is the sneaky duplication of letters.

I mean, why stop at doubles — totty, bubby, peppy, cocci, error — there’s any number of malicious triplets out there waiting for you. If there’s a five-letter word that uses the same letter four times maybe save it for Christmas, you bastards.

Probably overthinking it, but today’s ‘trite’ is symptomatic of all that’s wrong with the world.

I mean, whatever you do, don’t make people think! Roll up, roll up, everybody’s a winner! No abecedarian was harmed in the making of today’s puzzle!

I’ve only myself to blame. Whose opens the bidding with trine?

Rodomontade aside, there’s probably three people in the southern hemisphere who know that’s even a word. Maybe therein lies today’s lesson!

Dumbest option wins.

That said, if tomorrow’s puzzle is BA*ES or something, I am going to lose my shit.

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