Eight months ago I postedpointing the bone‘ following the acquittal of Constable Zachary Rolfe. Acting in self-defence, he shot and killed a violent young criminal who stabbed him.

There but for the grace of [insert favourite fictional deity here] go we all.

Robbed of reparations, the family hungrily await the results of the subsequent coronial inquiry.

As we come to the end of those proceedings, for posterity let it be noted that the dead man’s family feel the healing process cannot begin unless they get to spear Constable Rolfe.

That’s right, spear him.

But it’s called payback, silly, so it’s okay. It’s definitely not revenge!

Chief agitator/apologist for the aggrieved family, Samara Fernandez-Brown, hasn’t missed an opportunity to big-note herself throughout the proceedings.

But who cares what Samara says.

Constable Rolfe himself is saying as little as possible.

Rolfe has invoked ‘the penalty privilege’ to questions that threaten his livelihood. He wants to remain a cop. But the family don’t just want him speared, they want him sacked.

I think Constable Rolfe is missing the bigger picture.

The coroner will absolutely castigate the Northern Territory Police for allowing a culture which breeds racist monsters like Constable Zachary Rolfe.

He is fucked with a capital-F.

The coroner’s findings may open the door for a civil suit against Zachary Rolfe and the Northern Territory government. The coroner can’t determine civil liability, but she can point the finger.

All that lovely gub’mint money.

So if you’ve noticed that Constable Zachary Rolfe is looking a bit uncomfortable, it’s because he’s feeling the tip.

Like it or not, he will be speared. Not just because the dead criminal’s family want payback, but because they want back-pay with interest.

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