There’s the anticipated finger pointing article in the ABC News today, from Indigenous Affairs Editor Bridget Brennan following the not-guilty verdict in the murder trial of Constable Zachary Rolfe.

This, despite the fact that Indigines are safer in custody than non-Indigenes.

Brennan’s partisan spiel conflates every gripe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people have against the rest of Australian society — regurgitated once again in case any naive dumbfuck under the age of 30 has missed it.

Again, no mention that the young Aboriginal man killed by Cst Rolfe was a violent criminal engaging in criminal violence at the time he was shot. He stabbed Cst Rolfe before he was shot.

But the stock narrative demands his absolute innocence, because blame MUST fall elsewhere.

Once again, having failed to shift blame onto a police officer, the ATSI community now hungrily await the findings of an independent coronial inquest to see if they can point the finger at someone else — in this case, the emergency response to the shooting.

Because shifting blame is what it’s about.

Find a scapegoat that’s also a cash-cow, and some of that lovely gub’mint money will compensate you for the pain of failing as a parent. You failed to stop your sons from becoming criminals, and your daughters from becoming whores, so here’s $1M AUD.

Brutal, right?

But is anybody else sick of the tired, old yarn — how “the Elders” supposely work so hard to keep youngfellas out of trouble but fail because ‘the system’ lets them down? I mean, never admit your son is a thief or your daughter a junkie because you were a shit parent.

No, the system must be to blame. Not enough gub’mint money, that’s the problem.

Hmm. I raised three children. None of them are in gaol, or dead at the hands of ‘the system’. I don’t recall any gub’mint cheques coming our way. Maybe we’re the idiots? Either way, Aboriginal Affairs Editor Bridget Brennan needs to get some perspective, and write something original.

Because it’s the shit white parents who should be pointing the bone and cashing the cheques.

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