George Christensen’s latest brain fart proved an amusing silver lining to clouds which have now magically cleared. Here’s his post in all it’s glory, with a few comments from his rabidly misinformed supporters:

Funny, huh?

Christensen presents a graph from the official COVID data counter used by government and, as usual, purposefully misinterprets it. On purpose, or because he doesn’t understand basic math. Maybe both? It’s possible, he did once intend becoming a Catholic priest, so ignorance is his virtue.

Christensen is notorious for appearing more often in Thailand and the Phillipines than he does in parliament. The “member for Manilla” is a familiar face in Angeles City’s red-light district, and is a big spender at Ponytails bar in paricular, an “adult entertainment” venue where he is said to have he met his wife.

Of course George, maintains that he is a devout Christian.

Is this really the kind of guy anyone, even devout Christians, would want as their elected representative in government? Apparently so, because he’s in his third term and has the green light to do or say anything, no matter how demonstrably false, without censure.

He must have really good dirt on his colleagues.

I’d love to know how many conservatives just happened to bump into George while holidaying I mean, working hard on some fact-finding junket to the region? I can definitely see Peter Dutton’s big bald head getting a good polish at the Black Pagoda in Patpong.

You can’t tell me Pauline Hanson doesn’t enjoy some mixed nuts.

Barnaby Joyce has had his ticket stamped a few times too, I reckon.

Because otherwise they’d punish George, wouldn’t they, for damaging the brand? Not so much for being a lying Christian hypocrite, that goes with the territory. But compared to the wrecking-ball that is Scott Morrison, I guess Christensen’s bloviations are fairly mundane.

“Oh it’s just fatboy George, never mind him. Now, somebody stop Scotty before he fucks us all!” sorta thing.

Luckily, what Christensen (and his demented followers) need is all simply explained in the graphic from @MarcRumilly below. Simple pictures for simple people, because words and numbers are too hard.

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