So is there literally a “staffer” alive in Australian politics who hasn’t wilfully rooted her boss?

The latest so-called victim now insisting that “it isn’t about revenge” is somebody called Rachelle Miller who, happy enough to give Federal Education Minister Alan Tudge a nudge, is levelling serious criminal allegations against her one-time lover.

But it’s totally not the woman-scorned-revenge thing, no, not at all.

Miller, initially happy to cheat with a married man and betray her own family, has discovered the ultimate get-out-of-gaol-free card: “bravely speaking out on behalf of all women” — which absolves all sins, and forgives her earlier betrayals of the sisterhood’s code of conduct.

Because, as feminism insists on reminding us constantly, women and weak and powerless against men. This must be true, othewise logic would insist that sometimes women aren’t the victim. Sometimes women can also be blamed for the consequences of wanton acts of spread-legged stupidity.

Another truism is the equation [Man + Power] = Turd. The world is overpopulated by powerful male turds. I love seeing them brought low. They were never tall poppies, except in their own minds, so it’s hardly a syndrome.

But back on point: What should we call women who willingly screw married men then bleat victim? That’s right, that dreaded label: hypocrites.

The difference between male turds and female hypocrites is that the latter are always victims. I wonder what the wives-of-turds feel about their victimhood? What would the innocent spouses of piss-weak men like Alan Tudge say to women like Rachelle Miller?

You slut.

Nobody forced you to drop your panties, you slut.

And when he kicked you out of bed in the morning and told you to fuck off, that doesn’t make you a victim. The real victim was waiting for him at home, making breakfast for their kids.

Rachelle Miller was married with kids. Allan Tudge was married with kids. They both acted consensually. How is the blame all one-sided? Nobody is fooled, ladies. Your turn is coming.

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