Richard Spencer claims he created the term alt-right and, whether true or not, was a founding father and poster-boy for White Nationalism in the US throughout the Trump presidency.

But what happened next?

In August 2020 he tweeted: “The MAGA/Alt-Right moment is over. I made mistakes; Trump is an obvious disaster, but mainly the paradigm contained flaws that we now are able to perceive. And it needs to end. So be patient. We’ll have another day in the sun. We need to recover and return in a new form.

Repugnant in person, Spencer’s supporter-base were even more vile. Most now view Spencer as a traitor and liberal stooge; but they all still kneel and quote Hitler in their bedtime prayers: “To us state and race are one.” Spencer and Co. want a lasting white peace — pax alba — and they want it NOW.

But where?

I’ve always argued there’s a quick fix for fascistic socialism: Choke them in their sleep, or give them the New Roman Empire they want. In a previous post I offered them Greenland, but Aputsiaq Lundblad from Qaanaaq called to say his hovercraft was full of eels. Which I think means fuck off in Inuktut.

So, where else could they go?

Oh no…

I poked gentle fun at The Base on that previous post, linked again for your reading pleasure, but suddenly our government is taking them seriously. They’re now a designated terror organisation in Australia. In other words, the authorities need extra powers to deal with them.

Knock-knock, fellas!

But this US-based neo-Nazi white supremacist group, which advocates race-war to secure a fascist ethno-state, is already here. They’ve already infiltrated our political system, with Dean Smith (aka Will T Power) securing 7252 votes in his (failed) bid for O’Connor in Western Australia as the One Nation candidate.

Call it a near miss.

It makes you wonder, though, if we’re not fertile ground.

Can’t succeed in the US or Europe, come to Oz. You’d think our history of failures (United Patriots Front, Lads Society, anyone remember them?) and losers (Neil Erikson, Blair Cottrell, anyone remember them?) would be discouraging.

Apparently not.

I enjoy watching home-grown neo-Nazis like Thomas Sewell have a good cry for getting nabbed by Counter-Tourism. He doesn’t understand that “freedoms” don’t confer immunity from consequences. Even gaol-time for Sewell is unlikely to clue the three-time loser up to reality.

I think he never got over bum-buddy Blair being bigger than him.

So if they can’t be strangled, and won’t get on the boat for Greenland, let’s give them The Grampians.

It’s in Victoria, so the rest of Australia won’t give a shit. Hey! Maybe Premier Dan could build a wall and make the other states pay! Then the boys can do what all incels secretly want to be doing — dressing up as the Schutzstaffel and knobbing off other incels.

Easy to decry marriage, when all you want is a good bottom!

I hope Thomas Sewell makes lots of new friends in custody. In the interim, he’s missing an opportunity to infiltrate The Base and destroy that as well. If he’s a mole for Counter-Tourism then he’s a double-agent par excellence; but if he’s a fair dinkum neo-Nazi then he is rubbish, and I hope he gets 14 years.

Richard Spencer, in case you’re wondering, our hovercraft is full of eels.

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