Cute Dead White Girl Syndrome has overwhelmed Australia this week. Everyone from the Prime Minister to troglodytic incels are grieving the untimely death of “gorgeous angel” Grace Rached.

Grace was one of at least 155 people, predominantly women in their 20’s, who died in a crowd-crush amid revelers celebrating Halloween in Itaewon, the nightclub district of Seoul.

I won’t post footage of people actually dying (you monsters) but you can find that easily enough. The footage of civilians desperately performing CPR on dozens of bodies lined up in the street is hard to watch.

But why was our Grace even there? Because — according to Australia — she was “the life of the party” and “lit up the room” and because girls just wanna have fun.

That’s not victim-blaming, it’s just a fact. Some people enjoy crowds, but I hate them.

My last crowd was DEFQON in Sydney in 2018. Getting lifted off your feet by 25,000 people and being transported ten feet in a random direction was disconcerting for someone who’s 6’2″ and weighs 250lb.

Grace Rached was tiny by comparison, she would have been swallowed whole.

Look at that surge.

That’s footage from DEFQON in the Netherlands, but same experience. If I’d perished in the crush, would some bloke in a beige skivvy have gone viral weeping at my demise? Fuck no. But why, though? I don’t understand.

Oh, hang on …

The photos that filled our screens showed an attractive, blonde, young white woman who radiated the curated happiness of a social-media native” — How was the narrative surrounding Gabby Petito death in the US recently any different to Grace Rached?

It’s not. It’s ghoulish, but we love cute dead white girls.

In July this year we read about two sisters from Saudi Arabia found decomposing in their apartment. Even with nothing to suggest it wasn’t a suicide pact, there was still an intense media feeding-frenzy.

Sydney just couldn’t get enough. Why? Gee, I don’t know. Judge for yourself.

Which is not to say it isn’t tragic when cute white girls die. But what is exponentially more tragic is a narrative that says we only give a shit when cute white girls die.

Squeeze the life out of a middle-aged 5/10 white guy who doesn’t particularly like hardstyle yet finds himself amid the freaks, and who (apart from his lovely wife) would care?

Not even the neighborhood, let alone the nation.

Did you know that while they were looking for Gabby Petito authorities located the remains of nine (9) other deceased persons? Can you name even one of them?

Shame on you!

For the record: Emily Ferlazzo (shot and dismembered); Lauren Cho (cause of death unknown); Sara Bayard (cause of death unknown); Josue Calderon (stabbed to death); Miya Carcano (abducted and murdered); Robert Lowery (suicide); Kylen Schultz (shot and killed); Crystal Turner (shot and killed) and an unnamed man whose cause of death has not been revealed.

At least 154 other people died in that alley in Itaewon this week. Apart from the beautiful Grace Rached, how many Australians can name even one of them?

Shame on us.

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