Back in August 2021, my post the tangping paradox examined how slacktivists are rejecting the work ethic of communist China. I followed this up in October with a look at the r/antiwork subreddit in the antiwork manifesto. Which, to be fair, says ditto about American capitalism.

Anyhoo, it seems the trend continues, with lazy millenials lining up to brag how they’re wilfully unemployed now, and back sponging off their parents.

Whether this foolishness spawns a movement or not, it’s a rallying cry for a generation who’ve clearly supped overmuch of the magical Kool-Aid. Somehow they all believe the www will deliver them the digital-nomad-wannabe lifestyle they all so uniformly covet.

You aren’t the boss of me!

The Great Resignation supposedly marks a bold revolt by mostly-American workers against their employers and working conditions, a grand reassessment of career trajectories and lifestyle choices.

At least, that’s what the blue-sky pamphleteers want you to think.

In reality, more than 20% of online ventures fail within a year. The people most likely to fail are the under-30’s. The main reason they fail is because nobody wants what they’re selling, and one-third don’t have the capital reserves to stay afloat during tough times.

Now multiply all of that by COVID.

Remember, you’re a wannabe, not a gonnabe.

But to be clear: I’m not saying don’t quit your bullshit job. If you can afford to shake off the yoke of your capitalist oppressor, do it! But if you’re not financially independent, be careful.

Most quitters are hospitality and retail workers who are just trading places with other hospitality and retail workers.

While they’re not exactly rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, they’re definitely playing musical chairs on the Lusitania.

Either way, their bullshit jobs are in the process of being displaced by the bullshit jobs of tomorrow. So why quit today, when you’ll be laid-off tomorrow? Redundancy pay, people! Think!

The only way you escape the hamster wheel is by not being a hamster. It’s a dog-eat-dog world only if you behave like a mutt. The only participants in the rat-race are rodents. If you’re happy working bullshit jobs, congratulations! I promise you’ll always find work.

If not?

Make something of yourself.

Just don’t ask your parents to foot the bill while you idly reinvent yourself. That’s not their job anymore, it’s yours. It’s called “growing up”. Also, how would you react if your parents spent “your” inheritance and moved in with you???

And if you’re stuck for an idea on what you might do, here’s one: become a manager who isn’t an asshole. According to r/antiwork, we needs more of those.

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