The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell began yesterday in Manhattan, two years after Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell. The mainstream media coverage has been predictably intense, with the loony fringes going berserk either for or against Maxwell.

Some believe she’s just a little lost girl on trial for Epstein’s crimes, not a sex-trafficker who between 1994 and 1997 cynically groomed new talent and pimped out a host of barely-pubescent girls as young as 14 to a cadre of pedo elites.

But you’d be a fool to think this trial will arrive at the truth, let alone mete out justice for those really involved. Presidents, princes — if any of it is true, why no comprehensive list of names identifying Epstein’s pedo-ring?

Why are they going after the little fish?

Maxwell’s legal counsel are hammering the angles: memory, manipulation and money. The witnesses are unreliable because it happened so long ago. The prosecution are so hungry to scapegoat Maxwell because the real offender is dead. Many of the so-called “victims” are just after money.

So far only Epstein’s pilot has begun his evidence. He’s yet to confirm that the locals called Epstein’s private plane “The Lolita Express” or that many of his passengers to the island were unaccompanied female minors. It could be a game-changer if he does, but so far he hasn’t. Even if he does, will it prove Maxwell was an enabler or a pawn?

Likewise there’s also no evidence yet from the dozens of staff employed on Little St. James Island — did it live up to it’s nickname “Pedo Island”? It seems a little presumptuous that proceeds from the sale of Epstein’s mansion in New York ($35M) have already been allocated to the “victims compensation fund”.

We haven’t proven there were any victims yet!

Kick a man when he’s down (or dead), but duie process to the living. Ghislaine Maxwell remains innocent until proven guilty. Her father favoured her above all his children, and she harboured a deep-seated daddy complex. so sure, if Epstein filled those shoes maybe she did anything he asked.

But prove it.

Personally, I’d like to see is Ghislaine Maxwell take the stand. Cut through the bullshit and tell us what you did and saw. As somebody involved in criminal prosecutions for a living for 12 years, I know that the most powerful testimony comes from the only person the court can’t compel.

But I doubt that’s going to happen.

She’d probably mysteriously die in custody first. So in all likelihood, the court will convict Ghislaine for (a) wilful blindness to Epstein’s crimes, and (b) because somebody living must suffer.

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