Last week, PetroChina executive Hu Jiyong was sacked after being filmed holding hands with a young woman. Dong Sijin, the slender vixen at the centre of the scandal, triggered a massive surge in sales of a particularly ugly pink floral dress.

Fashion videographer Xiaomi captured the couple brazenly strolling through a trendy shopping precinct in Chengdu.

Online sleuths recognised naughty Hu, and outed the philandering executive who was summarily ‘terminated’. Dong has gone to ground.

Hu now faces a ‘disciplinary investigation’ for violating Xi Jinping Thought. Dong, on the other hand, seems set to become a popular influencer once Hu shoulders all the blame. The incident immediately spawned the expected memes and ridicule, including the manga versions:

Even a Lego version!

That’s not to say Dong emerged unscathed. Described as an ugly duckling who became a swan, netizens ferreting through her socials have exposed her as a tone-deaf bimbo whose indiscrete selfies now appear on soft-porn website ‘Asian Sirens’.

Her former, so-called friends have jealously released private images of Dong before her now-suspicious rise in the corporate world.

Young fat Dong. Brown-skinned Dong.

Ethnic nose-job Dong.

While nobody has post pics of Hu Jiyong’s tiny Asian dick, not only will he suffer the ignominious fate of cheating husbands, he also faces ominous “state sanctions”.

If he doesn’t end up on a slab getting his organs harvested, he’ll be lucky.

By comparison, Dong Sijin will profit from the scandal.

Monica Lewinsky was recently offered $1M USD for that blue dress, and with the ‘mistress dress’ scandal prompting 1.2 billion hits and a run on ugly pink dresses, how much will THAT dress sell for?

Ding-dong, Dong. Ding-dong.

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