Missing White Woman Syndrome rears its pretty head again this week, with an unnatural blonde from Belgium lost in the Tasmanian wilds.

Celine Cremer was meant to board the Spirit of Tasmania ferry on June 21 but never made it.

Her car was located near Philosopher Falls on June 27, with ‘experts’ saying six days in the bush at this time of year is unsurvivable.

I’ve been in those woods, and agree.

If Celine went off-piste and fell while foraging for fungi in the Tarkine wilderness, she’s dead.

Not quite the ‘magical Alice in Wonderland experience‘ of the tourist brochures, especially if the devils got to her.

I’ve said my piece about MWWS, so I won’t repeat it here.

Hopefully Celine read my 2016 ‘Survivor Bear Naked‘ post and was wearing a Ruth England-endorsed survival plunge-bra.

If not, then I’m afraid its nom nom-nom.

I hope not.

Presciently perhaps, her final Facebook post showed her posing atop Mount Wellington with the caption “Un petit diable en Tasmanie” (A little devil in Tasmania), so …

Celine is an ‘inexperienced hiker’ but even so, the track to the falls is only a 45 minute ‘stroll’ so unless something/someone lured her off the track, even inclement weather should not have stymied her recovery.

Don’t discount a millenial mishap — Celine atop Mt Wellington, so Celine atop Philospher Falls maybe? Damned selfies, right?

As one adventurer reports, the track only gets you to within 30m of the falls. Close enough for those who want to live on the edge? Hmm, maybe not.

Bonne chance, Céline.

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