Over recent months I have ended a lot of subscriptions, among them the New York Times.

Nothing against the publications, but President Biden delivered on his promise and America is boring again. This even includes Agent Orange.

This post was semi-triggered by a comment last week by a colleague at work. Trump had just been ‘indicated’ and the comment was ‘Look what happens when you stand up to the system!

Yes, we breed stupid people here too.

But he need not worry. The unstable genius has covfefed the judiciary so there’s every chance he’ll be acquitted and run for the presidency again. The show isn’t over until the fat dotard sings.

Until that happens, how’s the serenity! So much serenity.

As a result of this superfluity of serenity, I am writing again, and reading.

Playing chess against humans.

Prospecting for gold in wild rivers.

Tinkering around on midjourney.

Carving a walking stick, even!

I’m drinking less and sleeping more. A simpler life is a better life? Who would’ve guessed!

Weirdly, the less money I spend the more I have left over! Weirdly-squared, the less money I spend the more TIME I have left over!

With less options I’ve become much more decisive — they should teach this in schools!

That said, I’m not a total fiscal-island. I’m an archipelago, and the few paid subscriptions I kept — Netflix, YT Premium, WordPress — are more than enough.

Call it Swedish death-cleaning or sparking joy or whatever, I’m also decluttering like a motherfucker.

The garage is next, so my wife can fit the Mini Cooper (she’s pretending she doesn’t want) into it.

I’m not sure what comes after that, but I’m sure she’ll tell me.

In the maelstrom of simplification there’s probably some home renovations due, and a European holiday if I can convince her Italy isn’t infested with virus-infected zombies.

But for now that all sounds a bit exhausting.

I am going to pour myself another glass of wine and sit outside, watch our Carassius auratus glide around the pond and listen to the mockery of the Ptilonorhynchus violaceus visiting the feeder.

And that’s it.

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