ChatGPT may sound the death-knell for many people who make a living from writing, but honestly, some deserve to be unemployed. Take Mary Madigan, for example.

Madigan wants us to believe that sexism is the reason why people loved Hunter Schafer’s outfit but loathed Ciara’s at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Like it couldn’t possibly be anything else.

It’s sexist because some random said Ciara, a wife and mother, shouldn’t flaunt her body, whereas another random said Hunter, assigned male at birth and single, looked great with a feather over their tits.

Is it sexism, really, or just the opinions of random folk? For the record, I think Ciara’s bum looks big and Hunter still resembles a dude.

That’s not sexism or transism or anything-ism, it’s just an opinion. Trust me, it’s okay if we disagree. Just ask another serious writer, Emily Ratajkowski, who BTW totally doesn’t flaunt her body for money anymore, nuh-uh.

Fatuous writing-style and illogical leaps aside, I also wonder at Madigan’s agenda. Not long ago, she publicly shamed a bunch of celebs for wearing similar outfits as dupes in a vast ‘con job’.

That’s right, the evil tentacles of the patriarchy are everywhere! Just ask Megan Fox: she was conned into wearing this bland, boring and unfashionable outfit by men! Bastards!

Megan reckons she’s onto something.

Bloody sexism everywhere you look.

That said, might not an objective reader of Madigan’s articles — obsessed as she with beautiful women wearing not-very-much — intuit just faintest hint of envy?

Even if I’m wrong (and the clown-car full of plus-sized harlequins pulls up out front) are my opinions more offensive than the virtue-signaller cooing approval at Hunter’s saline implants?

Or Madigan’s man-bashing, for that matter?

Duh. It’s 2023. Of course they are.

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