To begin with an exclamation point rather than a question-mark, here are the COVID graphs that matter for Australia to date:

Both rapidly escalating.

So what are we doing? Like any sensible sentient organism, we’re wearing masks, getting vaccinated, washing our hands, isolating when symptomatic and avoiding crowds OF COURSE!


With new variants emerging and only about 10% of positive cases being reported, Australia has lost the battle against COVID. We have resigned ourselves to letting the virus cull our population.

Later, though, when you start pointing blame and demanding compensation, remember to finger the blonde on the right in the tank-top.

Hope you got grandma something nice for Xmas, because she clearly matters less than your entitlement to party.

Sydney’s NYE celebrations resulted in a crowd crush in Argyle Street at The Rocks. Funnily, it’s not being reported in local media.

Similarly, the Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore’s calls for the NSW governement to shut down the NYE celebrations went largely unreported.


Plenty of pics of the SHB’s infamous golden shower and obligatory totty. Don’t let reality rob the government of its favourite pay-per-view event!

Somebody’s got to pay for all those expired vaccinations sitting in government warehouses. Guess who?

Less than 24 hours ago, I posted my final thoughts about 2022.

As the graphs illustrate, it was not a good year for us, and I hoped we’d learn and move on. My fear is that beginning 2023 with a bang (literally) doesn’t mean we won’t end it with a whimper.

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