I am about 300w and an edit short of submitting the last essay of my life.

I will NEVER put pen to paper for fun or profit.

I am complete.



Throw in a few more synonyms if you like, but I am academically spent.

I’ve already decided how the rest of the week will play out.

Finish off the pond v2.0, clean house and start my next project (emptying the garage), a photography dayhike in the Blue Mountains maybe, with lunch in the city on Saturday with Child Number 2, then on Sunday I’m building a garden shed with Child Number 3.

Back to work Monday.

And blogging. Lots to catch up with.

For example, what’s Katherine Deves up to?

I read her article in The Spectator while flying to Noosa earlier this month, and its been nagging at me for a response.

She reminds me of that line from Macbeth.

I also want to explore Loab, the nightmare of artificial intelligence.

Just a modern revision of creepypasta, a Slenderman for the 2020’s, or something more?

Then there’s Trumpty. I never wanted to write about him again, but he’s the git that keeps on giving. Makes times interesting in a terrifying sort of way.

2024 is only just around the corner!

Speaking of 2024, last on my list is Ukraine. With winter and more Russian missile barrages and drone strikes, I’m dreading how this end. A mix of ‘This War of Mine‘ and ‘STALKER: Call of Pripyat‘ hopefully without the Bloodsuckers.

But you never know.

But after that, I’m open to suggestions.

Are we up to pi, rho, sigma or tau? Luckily we live in interesting times!

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