I love a good piss-take as much as the next Australian, and thought I was in for a treat with TikTok user Natalya’s (@natalyahaddix) recent recounting of a job interview which she summarizes as having “never been so disrespected in [her] life.”

Princess Natalya was unimpressed at being asked to attend an interview, but it was salt-in-the-wounds unacceptable to be presented upon arrival with a form.

That’s right, a form! Like, to fill out with a pencil!

AND they had the temerity to be late!

AND she didn’t like the office design!

AND they were interviewing others!

… so disrespectful.

You’d get it if she was a wannabe stand-up comedian, but she isn’t. Nope, this plump, entitled brat is deadly earnest.

The “world’s worst job interview” unquote.

Which tells me this was Princess Natalya’s first interview and that TikTok doesn’t cover costs when you’re high-maintenance.

While I assume there’s an army of chubby-lovers following her every flouncing step, converting all that fapping to a reliable revenue stream takes more than petulant whining in a singlet.

So let’s chuck in some attention-whoring diatribe about how traumatic it is to have been born AFTER 9/11.

FOMO, right? That weirdly adds conspiracy-theorist fappers to the chubby-chasers. See y’all this is how you build a brand!

But it’s also groaningly tone-deaf to strut around pouting into your cellphone: “I have worked really hard, and demand respect!” when anyone above the age of 11 knows respect has to be earned.

But when it comes to losing people’s respect by being a whiny-ass bitch?

Girl, you got that for free.

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