Father’s Day is a pleasant nonsense, and I hope all the dads out there enjoyed it as much as I did. Food, family, perhaps a few sly beverages; what a pity we couldn’t just enjoy the day without sniping from the Alphabet People.

OMG Father’s Day???

Gender-confused “Chris” reckons Father’s Day is a bit triggering, notwithstanding the 364 days of the year that aren’t Father’s Day. “Just because it’s called Father’s Day doesn’t mean it can’t be a day for any parent,” s/he sniffs.

If that’s true “Chris”, then why have the Alphabet People appropriated 1 March (Zero Discrimination Day), 31 March (Transgender Day), 17 May (IDAHOBIT), all of June (Pride Month), 26 August (Wear it Purple Day), and most of November?

What’s actually triggering “Chris” is that on top of Transgender Day, you also get Transgender Awareness Week (13-19 November) and Transgender Day of Remembrance (20 November)?

That’s nine (9) whole days of trans-ism, and you’re pissed because straight dads get one?

Think it through, “Chris”.

One in 17,000 Australians have no melanin, so every 13 June I should write something mean about the pink-eyes to make sure International Albinism Awareness Day doesn’t slip past unmolested?

You bet I’ll be making waves on 5 November (World Tsunami Awareness Day) and leaving the lid up in protest on 19 November (World Toilet Day)!

“The lad doth protest too much, methinks” you’re thinking, and maybe you’re right.

The theys can have ’em all if they like.

Besides, I hate being told when I should be nice. Any day in June is better for roses than February 14. More importantly, just because “Chris” & Co. are claiming half the calendar for themselves doesn’t mean they can’t also be days for the rest of us.

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