Lara Logan was a swimsuit model who became Chief Foreign Correspondent for CBS News in the US, and harnessed her “telegenic sexual charisma” to become the war reporter of her age.

She had “both tits and balls” but was so reckless some camera crews refused to work with her.

A list circulating at the time included “Lara Logan in a t-shirt” as one of the top ten reasons for enlisting in the Iraq war.

General Petraeus is said to have had a picture of her in his office.

She was equally popular among journos and military contractors, and the term “embedded” became simply “bedded” when they spoke of Logan’s time in Iraq. Or as one journo puts it:


Logan got pregnant to a fellow journo and ended her first marriage. The New York Post outed her bed-hopping antics with a piece called “Sexty Minutes” that was blasted by Allie Jones at The Atlantic for stating the obvious: Logan’s boobs are weapons of mass distraction.

Logan brought her weapons home to have her baby, then flew them back to Egypt to cover the Arab Spring.

Against everyone’s advice, on February 11 2011 she led a camera team into Tahrir Square in Cairo to record the public reaction to the ouster of Prime Minister Hosni Mubarack. She was separated from her security detachment and raped by the crowd.

In the Middle East, they call it taharrush gamea, “the rape game” where a women is surrounded by a group of men who begin groping her, then tear off her clothes and pack-rape her in public.

If you ever needed an excuse not to visit an Arab country with your wife, here it is.

After recovering from her trauma, she returned to reporting for 60 Minutes. But something had changed. She became political, criticizing the Obama government, attacking other reporters, then delivered a career-ending piece on the Benghazi attack.

Sidelined by her employer, Logan was picked up by the Fox network, got a massive boob job, and was briefly given her own show, called “Lara Logan Has No Agenda” although she did have an agenda — that of a hard-right anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.

But she’s now virtually disappeared.

Lara Logan does guest appearances on ultra-rightwing podcasts where she compares Dr Anthony Fauci to Joseph Mengele, says President Zelensky has links to the occult, describes COVID-19 vaccines as “genocide by government”, plus other seriously kooky shit. Or as she puts it:

Not followed by anyone I’m following, which is a relief. Quelle surprise.

My question I guess is whether she was always this unhinged, or whether taharrush gamea might have tipped her over the edge. It would be understandable. But sadly no, a little research uncovered this:

If you want, you can get her on #GETTR. As it turns out, Lara Logan unfiltered (weapons of mass distraction aside) = is no great loss at all.

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