You’ve all read about the flooding in New South Wales. What you may not have read is that the Nepean/Hawkesbury forms the biggest floodplain in Australia:

I live in it, but I’m one of many not demanding the government buy my property back because I failed to insure against flood or bought in an area that is uninsurable against flood.

I would say caveat emptor bitches, but there were lots of dead pets and scared kids in that rain.

What I do demand is that government does not cave-in to flood “victims” demanding a buyback scheme. That means a tax levy for the next 2-3 years, and I already see fuck all for my 45%.

It creates resentment.

Not so much towards those who roll the property dice and lose, but towards the state government and Premier Dominic Perrottet in particular, the sodden meerkat pictured above, hiding behind our stalwart Prime Minister recently at the floods.

In brief, on May 2021 the state government announced measures to combat flooding which created red-tape issues for property developers. Premier Gladys Berejiklian was at the helm, albeit stymied at every turn by Scott Morrison’s daft hand.

Flash (flood) forward to March 2022, and our new Planning Minister cites ‘planning fatigue’ before a lunch of industry heavyweights. Using the “cutting red-tape” excuse, the Minister bleated “We’ll be 163,400 dwellings short by 2032!” to an approving audience.

Imagine Demonic Parrothead in the background, nervously fingering his rosary. At least you can hold a hose, mate.

This would never have happened under St Gladys. Too busy with other rorts and/or making the beast with two backs with Dirty Daryl, poor Gladys has gone from $400K to $2M+ per annum as Managing Director at telco Optus.

Lesson for the kids — Crime doesn’t pay!

If her feet get a little damp, she can dry them with $100 bills. But of course the conservative PR-machine is trying to spin this for political gain without remorse or accountability.

I guarantee Parrothead doesn’t pay 45% tax on his $400K wage, and when the flood levy comes I’m reasonably confident that our Premier won’t be paying one extra cent.

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