As political reporter Laura Tingle noted yesterday, Scott Morrison is the first Prime Minster in 50 years to fail to make his final address of the election campaign before the National Press Club.

Instead, he was getting handsy today with schoolboys in Devonport, bum-rushing some kid at soccer training. Wrong football, fool. Good to see him finally pick on somebody his own size, though.

So the hashtag #dickhead is trending savagely as people take to the airwaves to record their final opinions of our worst Prime Minister since Tony ‘The Mad Monk’ Abbott.

If you know Australian politics, you’d appreciate the irony, with Morrison’s pick for Waringah (an electorate where 75% voted in favour of same-sex marriage in 2018) proving such a useful distraction.

Dog-whistling merrily, Morrison is a bully not a bulldozer.

He must’ve thought it sounded cool; that’s he’s a “I’m just all about gettin’ it done!” bulldozer. In reality, he’s a cowardly bully too afraid of Laura Tingle to appear before a forum he can’t spin to his advantage.

The press is antagonistic, his party divided, but only public opinion matters.

If you believe the fortune tellers, Smirko is gone.

This must sting, given the Prime Minister thinks he saved the country and deserves a second term. Our saviour Scott Morrison will see how appreciative Australian’s feel tomorrow, at the polls.

I’m predicting it’s time to wave goodbye, #dickhead.

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