Odd piece in the ABC News online today by Virginia Trioli, evoking the monolithic moods of Grace Tame to hypothesise that we (men) are scared of angry women. I thought it was a light comic piece to ease us into the weekend, but no.

If this is a quiz, then here’s my answer: Is it because we were forced out into the world from the birthing-tube of someone whose moods we thereafter had to endure? I endured more than my fair share.

The ungracious Ms Tame is a shy, shrinking violet against my birth-tube owner.

happier times

But Virginia has a theory and she’s not letting go: no, we (men) are scared because there’s “nothing more confronting than the uncontrolled threat of an angry woman“. Which, if you’ll ask any female survivor of domestic violence, is a steaming crock of shit.

learned this in theatre arts school

But, putting reality aside, Virginia sees Rosie Batty (another former Australian of the Year) retracting her criticism of the ungracious Ms Tame as evidence in support of her thesis: unbridled fury has it’s place.

and this one

I don’t disagree. I love a bit of fury.

But then Virginia goes out on a very shaky limb: “a new generation of women is stepping into their power fuelled by the unasked-for anger that is the by-product of their trauma“. Trioli is giving you the green-light to behave like a total birthing-tube.

Why? To make us (men) to see it, and to make us (men) squirm.

Sorry Virginia. I don’t know too many guys who are scared of an angry girl.

Let alone one built like a stick-insect.

Besides, women are angry one-week-in-four their entire adult lives, so we’re used to it. I’ve been a bee’s dick from fury my whole life and achieved what, exactly? The ungracious Ms Tame stamps her foot and we’re all supposed to … ?

So if there’s any lingering curiosity left in my rage-addled brain (maybe not) then it’s what Grace does next??? The Grace Tame Roadshow must go on! A nice, safe Labor seat in the Senate is my bet.

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