So I’m typing this just in case I’m dead tomorrow.

Child Number 2 (CN2) and I are synchronising watches (my plastic G-Shock G5600E versus his Seamaster) at dawn tomorrow, or thereabouts, depending on how he recovers from his night out tonight, then jumping into my trusty SUV for a 5.5hr cross-country trip to Charlotte Pass to hike a section of the Main Range Loop at Mt Kosciuszko.

Killer views, I am reliably informed, and a chance to cook steak and sip cheap shiraz under the stars in what passes for ‘alpine’ country in this wide brown land of ours. I checked the weather forecast, and it’s supposed to be ridiculously cold overnight with a bright sunny morning perfect for ‘alpine’ landscape photography.

So if the yowies get us, pile a few rocks on top of one another and leave a little cairn. We died doing something we both love, which is a miracle in this day and age. I am taking my Sony A7Rii and a 24-70mm for the vistas, and a 90mm macro for the wildflowers. He has a 16-35 so that’s snap for him, I guess.

You’ll see the spendid results in my next post. Or not. This is just to whet your appetite. That’s right stupids, it’s ‘whet’ not ‘wet’ — and while you’re honing in on gooder English like a well-trained homing pigoon, be sure to correctly spelling my fake name on said cairn.

This time tomorrow I’ll be under the Southern Cross wishing I had something better than a f/2.8 to drink up the light. I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise miracles. You may have to be content with an endangered frog wearing a quizzical expression, or distant brumbies bolting up some pine-clad ridge.

Wish me luck. Maybe see you in a coupla days.

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