Today’s triggering article is brought to you by the ABC’s Radio National segment, which argues that Leonardo da Vinvi was a goddamn racist.

In a nutshell, because of an aesthetic decision to whitewash a few Hellenistic statues, da Vinci forevermore tainted the Western mind towards whiteness — enter Nazism, the KKK and white supremacy generally.


hmm… colour at a Nazi rally?

Professor Vinzenz Brinkmann courts controversy to drum up interest in his own life work — ‘Bunte Götter – Die Farbigkeit antiker Skulptur‘ — gods in colour. While It’s true that some Greeks painted some statues in colour, to suggest da Vinci’s decision to restore some in white caused racism is cancel culture at it’s lowest.

hmmm… more colour, so confusing…

It takes virtue signalling to an extreme to publicly suggest da Vinci triggered Western white supremacy on the basis that the Nazis liked his work 400 years later. If this is true, then Michelangelo, that bastard, contributed to racism by preferencing white marble!

Sniggering liberals think they’ve seized upon some ‘gotcha’ moment. Their hatred for whiteness and all it connotes will, one day, be recognised as racism too. But not yet. We’re too busy pointing the finger at men who died hundreds of years ago. Just listen to this fat bitch hinting that colour may have been removed “on purpose“.

White lies? I agree, simpering white people need to stop telling lies.

Where their arguments fall absolutely flat is their failure, on purpose, to acknowledge that the evil men who sculpted in white also painted in colour. In fact, you’d argue their colour paintings are more famous, thus more influential, than their white sculptures.

But keep trying kids, I’m sure you’ll spot a real racist one day.

For the record, Hitler painted in full colour. Nazi plunder recovered after the war included thousands of full-colour works by van Gogh, Klimt, Vermeer, Degas and countless others. Darth Vader was black. Donald Trump was orange. The list goes on …

But by SJW logic, the moment a white supremacist puts milk in his coffee, even Louis Pasteur becomes a bigot.

This argument is so lame that I won’t waste one more word, except to remind y’all that, so far as colour theory goes, “black is not even a color. Instead, it is the lack of color. On the other hand, white is a mix of all the possible colors of the visible spectrum.” Which begs the question: If olive-skinned Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, both Italians, truly were proto-racists, then wouldn’t they have sculpted in black marble?

Just sayin’.

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