The Olympics we had to have are in full swing, and Australia is performing well as usual, though this will change when we begin to rely on something other than aquatic sports. Even so, Australia usually punches (or splashes) well above it’s weight:

Sydney 2000: 630 athletes. 16 golds, 25 silvers, 17 bronzes. 58 overall medals. Fourth on medals table.

Athens 2004: 482 athletes. 17 golds, 16 silvers, 17 bronzes. 50 overall medals. Fourth on medals table.

Beijing 2008: 433 athletes. 14 golds, 15 silvers, 17 bronzes. 46 overall medals. Sixth on medals table

London 2012: 410 athletes. Eight golds, 15 silvers, 12 bronzes. 35 overall medals. Eighth on medals table

Rio 2016: 422 athletes. Eight golds, 11 silvers, 10 bronzes. 29 overall medals. 10th on medals table

So far so good, though:

Well above weight means this: China (population 1,439 million), United States (331M), Russia (145M), Japan (population 126M) versus Australia (25M). I mean, don’t you don’t have swimming pools in your countries? Come on. Embarassing to be you!

Maybe it’s because you give up so easy.

Little hint. You don’t get to call yourself the GOAT. That’s a title the world, usually grudgingly, awards you. Gotta walk the talk to be a contender. Or run, jump, spin, throw, whatever.

ESPN recently posted a now-deleted graphic by an artist on Instagram(@dayxsleep) highlighting the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) in the world of sports. Conspicuously American and male, it was attacked by none-other than Simone Biles.

But instead of walking the talk (and there was SO much talk) Biles withdrew from the US women’s gymnastics final, citing ‘medical issues.’ But that was a lie. Biles wasn’t injured, it turns out, just embarassed. Abandoned the team out of sheer selfish pride.

Biles is a quitter, pure and simple.

How does humble pie taste, Simone? But of course, she wouldn’t be eating any. Her arrogance is monumental. Time to start unpicking those rhinestones, methinks.

There’s a little old lady watching the Olympics on her television in Semenovskye, Russia, who probably allowed herself a tiny smile. The real GOAT of women’s gymnastics, Larisa Latynina, has nothing to fear from this pretender.

Because four Olympic gold medals is still less than nine. Even an American would have to admit that. Poor thing can’t even dance.

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