On Feb 19 I concluded my bookmarking of Brittany Higgins’ explosive rape allegations with the intention of revisiting it “once the dust settles”.

Well, the shockwaves from Higgins’ thermonuclear detonation are still pummelling Canberra. The nation has yet to deal with the fallout. Call it a fissionic isotope in the gender-political war or just plain karma, but I’m calling it Today, When the War Began (TWWB).

Right now, every male in politics, past and present, is getting doxxed for career and reputation-ending dirt. Bob Hawke must be glad he’s dead, because you known that bloke grabbed some pussy. Paul Keating is safe because he’s Paul Keating, the Chuck Norris of Australian politics. All tip and no iceberg.

But other than Hawke and Keating, every other male is fair game in TWWB. But is it a fair game? The twits want MP Andrew Laming drawn and quartered for taking a photo of a woman trying to fit cans into a ‘fridge, in the process ‘upskirting’ her. Except there was no upskirt, she was wearing shorts. Nobody accepts this: he is fair game.

But MP Linda Reynolds, who victim-shamed Brittany Higgins by calling her a “lying cow”, continues on her merry way. How the social media lynch-mob excuses female MPs for behaviour that would see a male MP strung up by his testicles?

Christian Porter has been — quite appropriately — sidelined for unprovable rape allegations from thirty years ago, but his replacement is Michaelia Cash? Cash, whose hypocrisy in the Higgins Affair knows no bounds, gets promoted to AG?


Clearly TWWB has already begun, and nobody is taking prisoners. With the assistance of dissidents, traitors, simps and decent men everywhere, this should be a walk in the park for the ladies. No rules of engagement, let alone silly things like due process.

Which should make every bloke in the country stop and pay attention, because — like the sexy girl who comes up to you at the bar — she doesn’t want you, she wants your money.

You only have two options: Fight or wait. If you fight, start doxxing every woman lining up to steal your job. I guarantee they’re sifting your Twitter account right now. Fight like a girl, and don’t be a gentleman.

Or lose your job. That said, while the catfight over all the $100K+ jobs will be epic, when the dust settles and the gloating dissipates, watch the Matriarchy slowly collapse one bitchy comment at a time.

While it may not be enough, at least we won’t be fighting alone. Standing in the corner waiting to tag-team every successful man will be a wife or girlfriend with just as much to lose. So much for the sisterhood.


Round one.

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