The fact we’re sick of COVID doesn’t mean it’s going away.

It’s not like this blog: you can’t just ignore it. The ‘strayan cry of “She’ll be right, mate!” is not a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the Queensland outbreak today demonstrates. You don’t have to do anything wrong for CV19 to come roaring back. And here in Oz we’re doing almost everything right. Except, you know, all the raping and stuff.

Contrast the US, where CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky has to publicly plead with citizens to keep masking-up, washing their hands, social distancing, etc. How arrogant and ignorant are Americans? The numbers tell the story: The seven-day average is +63,204 new cases per day, with 487 deaths on March 28 alone.

But yeah, go hang out with your friends.

Britain must have Meghan on the brain, because they are relaxing their CV19 restrictions. Boris, who turns to shit everything he touches, reckons it’s time to crack-on. And look at the bloke: Don’t tell me he isn’t suffering brain fog. Sure, maybe it’s an after-effect of COVID, but maybe he always looked like this.

The French, so dear to my heart and intellect, are still in Second Wave territory, let alone Third or Fourth as some countries are. They are clearly NOT winning the fight. The CDC has them at Level 4 — the cocked pistol equivalent of DEFCON 1 — meaning they are at war with the virus, and losing.

Worldwide COVID statistics paint a grim picture: countries with aggressive immunisation programs are turning the tide: Less developed countries are on roasting in a private hell. At home, in a state where we’ve had one (1) locally-acquired case in 60 days, the thought in everybody’s mind is “Why are our fuc*ing borders still open??

Good question.

Maybe because we still have thousands of Aussies trying to get home. But also, and less palatable, we have no end of rich emigres from Europe, Asia and America looking for a safe-house. The Great Southern Land is glutted with international celebs prepared to pump $$$ into the economy to create a legit excuse for being here.

But if one of you foreign mofos brings the plague here and threatens our island home, I’ll bury you myself. And don’t kid yourself Matt Damon, I’ll show you what can be done with a staple remover.

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