For the first time in my life (maybe because it’s only recently become possible) I watched the US President’s address to Congress live, and while I don’t take issue with any of the motherhood statements he made generally, I was appalled by his overall lack of vision, and disgusted by the sycophancy of the audience every time he opened his mouth. Empty platitudes attracted a standing ovation, WTF? For example, his laughable rhetoric about protecting citizens by directing the Justice Department to reduce violent crime. Umm, so what was the Justice Department doing before that Presidential edict I wonder? I’m pretty sure every cop in the US was protecting citizens by reducing violent crime. But amid all that congressional ass-kissing I did observe many people who refused to stand for the President, or stood but refused to applaud, including a sea of proud women in white.


Trump was thin on detail but thick on platitudes about life after Obamacare. What does he actually mean when he says that people will be ‘encouraged’ to purchase their own health insurance? Or that (somehow) people will have more healthcare options but at less cost? Oh yeah. And maybe they can save money on bus-fares by riding their government-issued unicorn to the medical centre! Trump has admitted he’s bitten off more than he can chew by rescinding Obamacare. Today, he blathers on about the cost of health as if he’s only just discovered it. Must be tough to be born rich. News-flash Mister President–healthcare will makes or break your budget, and the ONLY way to dramatically staunch this expense is to cut people adrift. Not just one or two of them, millions. Trump is not interested in making healthcare universally affordable, just more affordable for his upper middle-class pals:


He didn’t quite apologise to the widow of Navy Seal William ‘Ryan’ Owens, the first US serviceman killed by his regime, who died in a botched raid on an Al Qaeda base in Yemen which President Obama had not authorised. But Donald ‘Shotgun’ Trump couldn’t wait to put the presidential pen to paper for that, a fact Owens’ father has publicly criticised ever since. Trump blames ‘the generals’ for the death of Owens, but now he’s apparently forgiven them and they are BFF’s once more. The fact he’s promised another $54 billion to defence probably has nothing to do with it.

Oh, watch out, here come those unicorns again! A whole stampede of them! Quick, get off the rainbow path or they’ll splash fairy-dust all over you! 

The rest of his diatribe will take some digesting. If I can stomach it.


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