I bumped into a fan the other day who couldn’t help but ejaculate all over a post I wrote way back in November ’22:

While noting that “just rude” is an oxymoron in the context of “extremely offensive”, the fan mail from Tia struck a chord — a fully-diminished 7th, maybe — and got me thinking.

My first thought was “yo, bitch get some perspective” by reading more than 1/653 of my blog.

The second was that maybe Tia’s right. Maybe I am just rude!

Let’s conduct a crude experiment.

Meet Olha “The Witch” Bihar, the latest poster-girl in Ukraine’s efforts to oust the Red Menace. She commands a mortar-unit while also managing to look tip-top for TikTok, posting daily news from the front lines.

We’re told that the Witch is not just a badass warrior-babe, she’s also a lawyer studing for her PhD, and a mom, and still finds time to keep those fat lips Insta-ready.

Which nation donated the collagen is anybody’s guess. Australia sent $655M and a shit-tonne of armored personnel carriers, just sayin’.

The test: will my cynicism for this kind of sexist propaganda equate to an offensive post?

I’ll admit, I’m triggered. One-fifth of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are women, and while The Witch is probably a decent person engaged in a holy crusade against an evil empire, why the ‘Babes of Ukraine’ angle?

Are we (collectively) really that shallow?

The Witch is part of a slick social media campaign designed to elicit sympathy, solidarity, and most importatantly support for the beleaguered (but still smokin’ hot) Ukrainians.

Yes, we’re that shallow.

Ukraine’s cause is almost biblically righteous. Win, lose or (most likely) draw, they’re on the right side of history in this “special military operation”. So do they really need to mythologise some pouty TikTok poser?

And by saying so, am I being ‘extremely offensive’?

I mean, the Witch doesn’t give a shit what I say.

She’ll never read this. She’s too busy setting up her ring-light and throwing on some camo-coloured lippy, ie., ‘boosting morale for the lads back home’.

In reality, only the virtue-signalling Tia’s care. The theys who believe anything short of fawning support for the latest cause brands you an Insta-enemy.

I just hope that the propagandists behind “The Witch” achieve more than to entice a whole generation of young women into a meat grinder.

Lest we forget.

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