Sanna Marin is in Australia today, meeting with our PM for the ubiquitous ‘bilateral discussions’ in what is the first of its kind between our countries.

I hope PM Albo pays attention, because leadership doesn’t get more progressive than PM Marin’s centre-left five-party coalition.

Contrast this with the theatrics coming out of Senegal today, where Massata Samb crossed the floor of parliament to slap Amy Ndiaye Gniby across the face because she dissed some voodoo bullshit he follows.

Gniby thew a chair back at him in response, sparking a brawl.

Funny stuff.

You couldn’t get a clearer example of First World versus Third World if you tried. But what unites them is the immediate conflation of actual politics with gender politics.

Dissatisfied when Marin brushed off suggestions that she faces sexism in office, Sarah Ferguson insisted there’s a double-standard but “you’re not aware of it.”

PM Marin drily pointed out that the only double-standard she encounters is her teatment by media.

Likewise, the Senegal Slap immediately triggered shrill debate about ‘violence against women’.

Yet nobody waved a dick when a spat between Abu Yahya and Abdulkareem Aldoghmi sparked a brawl in the Jordanian parliament.

Nobody bewailed violence against men when Vahe Hakobian’s heckling of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian resulted in fisticuffs in the Armenian parliament.

Engin Ozkoc’s unkind words about President Erdogan kicked off a melee in Turkey’s parliament without one peep in the media concerning gendered violence.

When lawmakers, including women, threw pig guts at Premier Su Tseng-chang in Taiwan, did anyone anywhere say shit about women engaging in violence against men?

Double standards.

Equality means nasty mouthy bitches like Amy Ndiaye Gniby get as good as they give. And the very theatrical faint at the end of proceedings doesn’t disguise the fact it was Amy who started it.

Grow up, people.

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