Back in ’21 when the story broke, I wrote ‘Fairest Of Them All‘ about the Perinovic murder-suicide. I was angry at the reluctance in mainstream media to use the ‘m’ word to describe women who murder their children.

It seems only men can be monsters.

With the coroner about to release her findings, the commentariat are still pushing the same narrative: That women who slaughter their children are victims, if not of an evil husband, then aberrant mental health.

Not to blame.

But Tomislav Perinovic wasn’t evil and, despite MSM’s earnest wishes, he’s not to blame for his wife’s psychopathic rampage.

But what if he had killed them, as everyone first assumed? No apologists lined up to exonerate him, I guarantee.

The article in for example, qualifies data that shows men and women kill their families in roughly equal numbers.

“But there’s a difference!” the article shrieks, and rehashes the fiction that women always have a legit excuse for murder.

In fact, read almost any article about Katie Perinovic and note the blame shifting.

The warning signs at home — so it was the husband’s fault! Her spiraling mental health — so it was the system’s fault!

So many column-inches wasted on qualifiers. Why?

You can’t excuse Katie Perinovic’s slaughter by distracting people with an irrelevant segue.

We know men statistically commit more murders than women, but so what? Why are you changing the topic?

Tom Perinovic himself has drunk the KoolAid and sings the praises of that sick psycho bitch instead of cursing her to hell. Maybe he rages in private, but in public he dursn’t.

Why? Maybe because — SURPRISE! — gender is the agenda, or, as The Conversation so succinctly put it:

When the coroner handed down her findings following the inquest into the death of Hannah Clark and her children, she said murderer Rowan Baxter was “not mentally ill, but a master manipulator.”

Baxter was an evil monster. Full stop.

Martin Bryant slaughtered 35 people at Port Arthur and is now serving 35 life sentences plus 1,652 years without parole. He was mentally ill, but the court accepted his plea anyway.

He was an evil monster. Full stop.

Compare these to Raina Thaiday, who butchered her eight children with a knife then stabbed herself almost to death. A court decided Thaiday lacked capacity due to mental illness and was “entitled to the defense of unsoundness of mind.

No prosecution, no inquest — mentally ill. Full stop.

I’m cherrypicking to prove a point.

Why is there less forensic inquiry into the killer’s state of mind when the murderer happens to be male?

More examples of the gender agenda:

Justice Barry O’Keefe demanded a psych assessment before accepting “Cannibal Kate” (Katherine Mary Knight)’s guilty plea.

Kathleen Folbigg‘s team are lodging another appeal on fanciful new DNA evidence.

Lindy Chamberlain’s baby was taken by a dingo.

Fortunately, Katie Perinovic did us all a favour by killing herself.

She saved us the farce of dreaming up yet another reason for why women are never to blame.

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