My light-handed post on the Megan Barnard -v- Tom Morris “outing” probably needs a follow-up, seeing how outrageously it has been spun.

After a brief yet dignified silence, Barnard’s replied: “Nobody should be forced to come out before they’re ready, it can be dangerous… Fortunately, I am at a place in my life where I am comfortable with who I am and I can handle something deeply personal becoming public.

Can’t disagree. Especially with her admission that the outing was not dangerous at all. But Megan persists with forced despite the status of her “liquor license” being old, old news among her friends, peers and associates.

Try googling Megan+Barnard+Tara+Rushton and make up your own mind. I don’t think there was ever any secret that Megan is a lipstick lesbian. But of course they’re just friends. Industry associates. I’m not implying anything else at all. Nope.

But in any event, it wasn’t even Morris who outed Barnard.

He foolishly wrote — “Unfortunately she’s a lesbian lads. Megan Barnard; fucking hot as… the hottest girl at Fox by a long way, but unfortunately yep, she’s got a liquor license, she’s very, very good at it.” — in a WhatsApp chat with mates, and was betrayed.

Somebody in Tom’s inner circle, perhaps envious of his success, outed him.

This non-event morphed into a scandal which Barnard milks to this day. Let’s be real — nobody cares that she’s a lesbian. We love lesbians. Nobody gives a shit about Tom “The Idiot” Morris, either, who’s definitely paid the piper.

Flashback to 2011 when official Peter “Zorba” Peters was stood down for saying that Barnard is “a good sort“. Wendy Harmer weighed in at the time to suggest that “Anyone who’s offended by that is really out of touch.”

Harmer has made amends, virtue-signalling her love for the Alphabet People, but she’s still lucky not to be cancelled. Zorba was sacked and publicly humiliated (but later reemployed).

A modern guide to safely complimenting good sorts suggests you say: “I am really impressed with how passionate you are about staying in shape. You are a role model for everyone who wants to take care of their physical health!

Which translates to, no more babies, ever.

An even safer route for men is not to comment on a woman’s appearance at all. Not unless you are in a relationship. How you get from strangers to relationship without mentioning her looks? I don’t know.

= no babies, ever.

Of course, you ladies might help all the poor Toms out once in a while. Just sayin’.

To explain the ‘why’ of this, let’s borrow from Ronald Heifetz and remember we’re stuck with confected-outrage culture because it happens suits those who profit from it. They get to moan about sexism and make money out of “Sexism!”

That’s you, mainstream media, and also you, Megan Barnard.

All in all, I think Megs owes Tom a beer. I definitely need a beer, and promise never to write about this bullshit again.

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