I deleted my Twitter app a year ago, as part of my Serenity Project.

It was nice to push all that noise aside: If you imagine walking into a cramped cave where the tiny bats are shrieking all at once, that’s Twitter.

For me, one of the battiest twits was Grace Tame.

Wrong batcave, but maybe right batgirl.

Because, unable to milk her ‘Australian of the Year’ platform anymore, I’m sure Grace and her publicity machine has realised that her FIGJAM Foundation alone isn’t enough to leverage Grace into the Senate.

So I was curious why Grace would take a swipe at future boss Anthony Albanese for shaking hands with the contemptible Alan Jones.

I mean, opponents shake hands before every boxing match, don’t they? Civility is not a sign of weakness, Grace. Keep your enemies closer, etc.

So maybe Grace will go it alone as an Independent?

When I returned to the hot moil of Twitter this morning, Grace was there getting slavishly serviced by her coterie. A classic mutual-admiration-society doing good work bashing the fuck out of Scott Morrision.

Good, because he so deserves it.

They’re also drumming up subscribers for The Shot, a wannabe Crikey full of wannabe journalists including Grace, that introduces itself thus:

The upside to describing things as they actually are without couching the language in newspeak is stories end up being grimmly funny, because everything is really fucking weird right now.

I don’t know if The Shot is conflating/confusing news-speak with Orwellian newspeak, but either way it’s pretty grimm.

What surprised me today is how long it took the tamepunks to realise Scott Morrison’s backing of Katherine Deves has NOTHING to do with winning Warringah but rather dog-whistle politics.

My post on exactly this was a full calendar month ahead of these so-called news breakers, and I work for a living!

To repeat: Deves is there to confirm Scott’s nauseating, ultra-conservative Christian credentials. Her pre-selection is a cynical fairy tale.

Deves is trumpeting one message: “Scott Morrison and the Libs hate fags and trannies!” Deves is a dead woman walking, so the compensation she must have been offered to take such a hit would be mega.

But here’s another fairy tale: imagine the publicity if it was Grace Tame, “investigative journalist at The Shot” who broke the story. All she’s missing now is a batgirl tattoo.

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