Spiderman v.87 is here, and they’ve ‘accidentally’ leaked the trailer, apparently much to the consternation of Sony and Marvel. That’s b.s. though, they’re just building buzz for the latest iteration of the franchise that keeps on giving.

Are we sick of Spidey yet?

When I say ‘we’ I mean me.

How many iterations of fresh faced teenage Peter Parkers can a generation stomach? One, I would have said, and for me, it was Toby Maguire. I blame Sam Raimi for the fall of Maguire; Since then, we’ve had reboots with Andrew Garfield and now Tom Holland, not counting the non-cinematic (ie cartoon / animated / whatevs they call it) versions.

I guess it’s all about the box office, but still.

It’s not like there aren’t other superheros out there.

The Silver Surfer deserves more than a bit part in a forgettable Fantastic Four flick. His ability to wield ‘the power cosmic’ puts him in demigod territory, and seems an obvious reluctant nemesis against Superman (Henry Cavill, of course).

I’d love to see The Rocketeer done properly, if only because an alternate-history America invaded by Nazis would be super fun. It’s over-the-top Art Deco style would set it apart from the masses, and would be a feast for the senses. But I guess Iron Man probably sounded the death-knell on this concept — too similar.

No superhero’s involved, but I’d pay a premium to see Half-Life on the big screen, with dystopian City 17 imagineered by the best and brightest minds at Sony, or whoever. Gordon Freeman has a crowbar, not super powers. It would be groundbreaking to see a world saved by an Everyman with normal-sized pectorals.

Finally, if I had a few hundred-million, I would personally commission bringing the world of Fallout 4 to life as an epic on at least the scale of Battlestar Galactica. 100 episodes would do it. It would fall into the ‘military science fiction’ genre done right, heavily character based, with a cast about as diverse as anybody could wish for.

BUT if we are going to get saddled with endless remakes of Spiderman, especially if the trend towards conflating different comic universes continues, then for the love of all things radioactive, at least bring back Kirsten Dunst.

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