Mathematical epidemiologist Professor Allan Saul was interviewed by Dr Norman Swan on the ABC Health Report today, and says we are seeing consistent exponential growth in NSW.

Saul later tweeted:

19 September?

So of course I went immediately to this morning’s COVID press release, skipped the Premier’s carrot-dangling, and listened closely to Dr Kerry Chant to see if she let anything slip.

Interestingly, the Premier threw Chant under the bus in relation to the modelling and policy direction taken by her government.

Chant seems far less optimistic: “hold the course” is the message: “dampen transmission, curve balls, god help us if we have another variant, learning to live with COVID, protect the vulnerable, one day isn’t a trend, in this for the long course” et cetera.

Let’s look at the numbers on 19 September to see who’s lying, the mathematical epidemiologist or the government stooge.

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