You will recall my 21 April post ‘No Boe Zone‘ where I forensically examined the contretemps between Julia Szlakowski and Bo Pahari.

happier times

Presciently, I wrote: “Szlakowski enjoyed a tasty $500,000 settlement and still gets to play aggrieved victim from afar. Because nobody moves-on anymore, even those whose pain and suffering is assauged by a fat stack of cash” unquote.

Well, as expected, Julia is back!

Stinging at news that bad-boy Bo ‘Boner’ Pahari is walking away from AMP with his own fat stack, Julia spent a couple of hours picking out her favourite ‘serious yet sexy businesswoman’ outfits and called the press!

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If I may paraphrase Andrew Burns QC report on the original investigation: “ … there was poor judgment exercised by Boner during the evening — one moderate and two minor incidents — a relatively modest breach of the policy; however, Boner shoulda known better.

serious, yet sexy

Boner should have known, for example, that Julia is not going to let this go until she runs out of outfits. So long as she’s making good coin out of the #LookAtMeToo” movement, then she will. She’s like a dog with a bone — except she’s no dog, though he’s definitely a bone.

pensive, yet sexy

And bone’s the problem, isn’t it gentlemen. Boner Pahari knows. Much safer to drink that bottle of wine alone in your room, watching History Channel. But if you are trapped at the bar by some high-heeled corporate climber? Insist on a non-disclosure agreement when the firm pays her out.

near-sighted, yet sexy

Hilariously, we’re asked to believe that Julia never intended to go public with the story. Yet the moment her cheque was cashed, she sprinted after the bandwagon shouting “Me too!” and jumped aboard. And she’s been going public with her insignificant story ever since.

Best of luck with your new career, Julia. Hope it helps to “forge a fairer society” for women and men both. In the meantime, ring Brittany Higgins for some perspective on how awful your experience has not been.

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