Try this test to see if you’re evil.

The test measures you for the ‘dark triad‘ traits of narcissism, Machivellianism and psychopathy. In modern psychology, it’s considered bad to score highly. To be a dutiful worker-bee in the modern century, one must score highly for ‘light triad’ traits instead.

Now try this test to see if you’re more evil than good.

Unfortunately, we work against our inner nature. We’re not ‘born good’. At our core are socially aversive traits linked to the instinct for survival which we can control, maybe, but not unlearn. General Dark Factor of Personality (D-Factor) paints a bleak picture of our so-called innate human malevolence.

The modern litany of evil include nine ‘dark’ traits that psychologists (and law enforcement, business leaders, academics, etc) use to categorise us. These are: egoism, Machivellianism, moral disengagement, narcissism, psychological entitlement, psychopathy, sadism, self-interest, and spitefulness.

Tell me honestly that you don’t score handsomely on at least one of these traits, and I will call you a liar.

To quickly measure your baseline malevolence, try Scott Barry Kaufman’s D-Factor test by answering agree/disagree to the following:

1. It is hard to get ahead without cutting corners here and there.

2. I like to use clever manipulation to get my way.

3. People who get mistreated have usually done something to bring it on themselves.

4. I know that I am special because everyone keeps telling me so.

5. I honestly feel I’m just more deserving than others.

6. I’ll say anything to get what I want.

7. Hurting people would be exciting.

8. I try to make sure others know about my successes.

9. It is sometimes worth a little suffering on my part to see others receive the punishment they deserve.

According to Kaufman, I am 56% humongous asshole. Thanks Scott. If you want to fully explore your assholery quotient (i.e. your “tendency to maximise your individual utility“) then take the full 76-statement test here.

For me, personality theory is fatally flawed until we cull morality from the test. Currently, it just shows how bluepilled we’ve become. Think I’m wrong? Record your results, and in 2023 when 50 million are dead from the virus and Mad Max rules apply, take it again.

I’d say welcome to my world, assholes, but Mephistepholes beat me to it: “Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.”

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