Gladys Berejiklian has earned a few nicknames, from ‘koala killer‘ to ‘hawkiss‘ which, if you’re interested, are worthy Google-searches in and of themselves. But I suspect she’ll earn at least one more before we’re done, and it will have nothing to do with where she drops her panties.

Her knee-jerk, lurching overreaction whenever there’s a CV19 outbreak has, at it’s heart, a hand-wringing, girly-girl helplessness which in combination with her unpersuasive memory-fail before ICAC at her boyfriend’s corruption inquiry should have seen her ousted.

But no.

Instead, NSW opposition leader Jodi McKay’s furious calls for the Premier’s immediate resignation, labelling her a fraud complicit in her boyfriend’s corruption, went unheeded and unrewarded. Gladys is still here, doggedly accepting all that gub’mint money, and McKay got the boot.

Despite that, I can’t bring myself to dislike our Premier. Even now, reimposing a weeklong, city-wide mask madate, I get the feeling she’s doing her best. I find myself rooting for the underdog every time, irrespective of their political stripe.

This doesn’t mean I have any sympathy for our Prime Minister, though.

That fool needs to go.

But it’s only Tuesday, my opinion on our Gladys may yet sour.

At the moment, I like the Premier because she speaks directly and plainly, works tirelessly, fights for NSW interests, and doesn’t seem to spin the narrative as much as other politicians. It’s definitely how the Premier sees herself. That aside, I question the proportionality of her response to these statistics:

Confirmed cases (including interstate residents in NSW health care facilities)5,465
Deaths (in NSW from confirmed cases)56
Total tests carried out6,482,478
Total vaccinations administered in NSW1,917,183

We currently have 21 confirmed cases.

Contrast NYC where they’ve had 2,110,069 cases and 53,026 deaths. So in that city of eight-million citizens where the virus has been one-thousand times more lethal, is there currently a mask-mandate?

Maybe Governor Cuomo can answer that: “Congratulations to New Yorkers because they are the ones who did it. We’re no longer just surviving—we’re thriving. The state mandates that have proven right and brought us through this pandemic are relaxed as of today, effective immediately.

How will they remember plain-speaking, hard-working Gladys Berejiklian when she’s gone? The fact she once rooted a bloke called ‘Daryl’ suprised many who thought she was a “mad lesbian” unquote. But it won’t be her bedroom antics, or lack thereof, which immortalise her. I suspect there won’t be a repeat of the Ruby Pricess fiasco. I suspect she will pilot us to safety, then be scuttled by her own party.

But history, and the rest of us, may just remember St Gladys kindly.

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