I read with delight the sulky nonsense of pro-Trump losers whining about the Blessed Joe’s first 100 days in office. You can understand why they’re upset. DJT must be even more red-faced than usual, seeing Biden rack up one win after another. Trump has been consigned to the dumpster of history, where he belongs. Time to move on.

Yet in their foetid echo-chambers, the forever-Trumper troglodytes continue to whimper and whine. Fearing to step outside into the bright sushine of reality, they keep bleating Trump’s alarmist lies. The Blessed Joe has saved them anyway. Virus, economy, race relations, all improving. The grown-ups have arrived, and proper man-sized hands are now at the wheel.

All throughout the entertaining farce of Trump’s presidency, the single most impressive thing to me was how ‘family first’ conservatives overcame their gag-reflex. Biden has no Epsteins in his closet, yet Donald Trump’s is overflowing with unconscionable associations and acts. Yet the conservatives swallowed every lie and begged for more, like everyday masochists hungry for the lash.

While I happily flogged them at the time, surely we need to move on now. Trump really is yesterday’s news, increasingly sad and irrelevant. While I’d still like to see some attorney rip him a new one, take all his money and send him to Attica, Trump was careful to stack the Supreme Court with ultra-conservatives for a reason, so I’m doubtful.

What the GOP really ought to be doing is learning from their mistakes and grooming the next president. Exorcise the bible-bashing fundamentalists, disarm the gun-totin’ redneck insurrectionists. Grab your mercenary spin-doctors and set them straight. Unless the Repulicans want to lose even more votes in 2024, you’ve gotta start getting in shape right now.

Because you won’t be trading friendly jabs with JB under Queensberry Rules, you’ll be taking head-kicks from cage-fighter Kamala Harris. It’s the only point on which I agree with my friends on the Right. Harris will be the first female President of the United States no matter what fake idols you pray to, and let’s all thank god for that.

Because it could be infinitely worse.

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