I love the way conservatives have tried to weaponize ‘woke‘ to connote the opposite of what it actually means. While it’s their nature to scorn, ridicule, demean and insult anyone not in lock-step with their narrow world-view, what really amuses is how they whimper that “woke culture” has made them (ie. the privileged, white, wealthy ruling class) into victims.

These poor, beleaguered conservatives bleat about the ‘woke Left‘ engaging in virtue-signalling, yet ignore their own hypocrisy. How many Capitol rioters wore crucifixes, for example, and claimed to be defending ‘family values‘ while they viciously attacked police? Like a pack of deranged animals wrapped in the stars ‘n’ stripes.

We’ve all shuddered at the videos. 140 officers injured — broken ribs, spinal injuries, eyes gouged, stabbed, concussed, punched, trampled, murdered — but do the “defenders of Christian family values” give a shit? Hell no. More irony, that conservatives who claim to uphold the rule of law would wage in this futile ‘war on woke‘ — futile, because it was always doomed to fail.

More doomed than the traitor Donald Trump, that’s for sure. Because the GOP are a bunch of self-interested goons, the impeachment will fail. But that was always expected, and never the point. The point was to teach the mob a lesson. Specifically, Newton’s Third Law. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (oh okay, maybe slightly more than equal). But, really, assault democracy? What can you expect?

Answer: A sick feeling in your gut, waiting for the Feds to kick in your door, is what you can expect. What liberals call foreplay — because there’s much more to come. And if this seems less your typical conservative revisionist 1950’s white picket fence with Black housemaid and Hispanic gardener fantasy than it does a sobering glimpse of the future, then maybe it’s time your people woke up.


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