I’m not a lists type of person, but I was reading the comments to a book I finished recently and clicked on Goodreads’ list of Most Disturbing Books Ever Written.

Yeah no, there’s actually a separate list of most disturbing children’s books ever written which I am not ready yet for. I am (however) a little gobsmacked to find I’ve read 28 of the top 30 adult books. Admittedly the ‘Holy Bible‘ (#7) must be a piss-take — that was dull, yes, but disturbing, no.

It begs the surprise question — is ‘disturbing’ my genre? The only ones that have managed to elude me are ‘A Child called “It”‘ (1995) by David Pelzer, and ‘Night‘ (2006) by Elie Weisel. So I guess they’re next. Child abuse, and concentration camps. Yay.

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