I don’t routinely agree with anything Peter Dutton, our Minister for Home Affairs has to say, but I agree with this: “During COVID … people are spending more time online, and it’s very easy for ISIL, or for some neo-Nazi lunatic out of the United States to be communicating with a 15-year-old Australian sitting behind his computer here at home. We’re up against it.”

And that’s why I bash The Loser Donald Trump so hard. Because delusional sheep like Tyler Jakovac, 18, who was arrested yesterday in Albury for plotting an act of terror, sometimes progress from shitposting about ‘mass casualty events’ to actually committing them. Why? Because Trump supporters at Gab said so. Today’s article helps remind us that while it is statistically improbable you’ll fall victim to a lone-wolf terrorist, there’s at least a chance you might inadvertently meet one. So, what do they look like?

“Trump supporters” is my shorthand for hate groups. In my experience, haters just hate. I’ve yet to meet a white supremacist who isn’t also a misogynist; anti-Semites are always climate-change denialists, et cetera. It’s quite boring. On the spectrum of conservative ‘values’ you always begin with a Karen who’s all for individualism, small-government and family-values. At the opposite end is a guy who carries an IED onto a crowded train. But the latter guy is often married to Karen and ALSO believes in individualism, small-government and family values.

What we can do is nip these fools in the bud. Changing an older conservative’s mind about anything is impossible. Their intolerance is axiomatic. This is why I consider conservatives on the whole to be less intelligent. Putting aside the studies which actually prove it, just go with your gut instinct. The first indicator of higher intelligence is a capacity to change your mind, and anybody unwilling to reject the fraud of Christianity (for example) is living a dull, constrictive fantasy. But it doesn’t have to be a horrorshow. Even Christians can be saved.

To do so, we can all adopt tactics that make the world a safer place from right-wing violence. Firstly, do a little research. Pick the hate group that appeals to you the most, then infiltrate it. It’s not difficult, their ‘security protocols’ are a joke. Then either lurk or troll to your heart’s content, sowing dissent and discord. Remember that half the readership are just children looking for an identity. There’s still time to rescue young would-be conservatives before they are groomed down the rabbit hole by pedo hate-fathers.

Another tactic is to publicly attack them every time you encounter them. Just grind them down. If its okay for conservatives to mock, demean, insult and aggress against liberals online, then why hold back? Politeness? We’re not the ones bound by “Christian values” remember. “Turn the other cheek”, rofl. So go to town on these gibbering chimps. Once you get past the usual dreck (simp, cuck, libtard, soyboy, etc etc) it’s all just rinse-wash-repeat. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a new idea.

You won’t get driven out of a hate group, but you may drop out because you’re bored. Stay the course! In the absence of an actual divinity, remember you’re doing good work. Why we would want to save these creatures is another question. The way I see it, we need them to mow our lawns.

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