Pandemic fatigue. Burned-out by the numbers, on Friday I went into Sydney city to shake it off for a few hours. My first social excursion since the virus hit. Our senior management team met briefly, then adjourned for a boozy Christmas lunch. We went to a bar on Darling Harbour on a day that was picture perfect, the sky postcard-blue, the water emerald-green, yachts bobbing at moorage, a constant parade of ladies dressed to impress flaunting past all afternoon. But I was uneasy. It wasn’t just the all the Botox and boobs bobbing past that unnerved me, nor the introvert’s desire to escape out the bathroom window, it was the survivalist in me screaming, “Too close! You’re all too close!”

We came close with the virus in Oz, but now we’re all “back to normal” as if the danger is behind us and not still lurking ahead. But the virus is here, waiting to slip out of a quarantine hotel or roar back to life from dormancy in some asymptomatic super-spreader. Every time I went to the bathroom I remembered CV19 survives on metal surfaces for three days. I watched those in my group touch their face, scratch their nose, rub their eye, finger-dipping into mucous membranes with the same hands that now grub for crispy chicken wings in the shared plates scattered across our tables. I mentally argued that I was overreacting, but was still the first to leave.

Part of it was the fact I am still obsessively look at the numbers. For example, only two weeks ago I wrote: On 7 November the CDC forecast between 5,500 and 13,400 new deaths by 5 December. Ten days later, 12,069 new deaths in the US. This should be the most frightening thing you read today: the CDC predicted 260,000 to 282,000 dead by 5 December but there’s already 256,105 dead, so what’s the real number? The magnitude of the CDC’s cluelessness suggests more than 300,00 dead by Christmas and maybe 15 million infected.

I pulled those grotesque numbers straight out of my ass, just to be provocative. 300,00 by Christmas — no way could it get that bad! This week the CDC’s national ensemble forecast predicts US deaths will rise to between 294,000 and 321,000 deaths by 19 December. Not only are the CDC’s predictions wrong, they’re increasingly wrong every single week. The smartest people on the planet can’t gauge the spread of COVID-19. I shuddered when US deaths hit 1,000 per day (remember that?) but now I’m genuinely concerned when the calm announcement that it’s killing 2,000 people per day does not result in a full-scale national lockdown.

So what happened to all those ‘plandemic’ flags you were waving during the election? Where’s your tinfoil hat to protect you from 5G? What, you can’t fit it over the facemask you swore you’d never wear? People are dying of COVID across the US, still insisting on their deathbeds that the virus does not exist. Because it’s all part of the NWO conspiracy isn’t it, the CDC with their fake numbers, the hospitals as empty as the coffins they’re burying in those massive trenches on Hart Island. I guess the only thing that gives me any hope for the US is knowing 73,000,000 citizens will refuse the vaccine when it becomes available. This might leave enough for the rest, AND serve to cull the stupid, easily brainwashed from the herd. It will also make the 2024 a no-contest. Which is good, because Joe will need a second term to repair the damage done by The Loser Donald Trump. I’d say God Bless America. But there are no gods.

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