We have two cats that we adore, big Harry, little Hugo;

Inversely proportional by size to their annoyance factor.

Harry sits with both eyes closed, nose twitching summer scents,

While Hugo crouches, calculating how to scale the fence.


By 2am most mornings Hugo’s hatched a new escape plan,

Howls until we let him out, then sets his plot in motion.

Lilly-pilly branches may look thin, but they are extra-bouncy,

With careful timing and some luck, might get him airborne nicely.


But, luckily for us, our Hugo overestimates his limits;

Slams into the fence, another cat who failed at physics.

Embarrassed more than hurt, his howling takes a different tone

‘Stupid effing fence! Bold Hugo must be free to roam!’


At first my wife and I were worried sick — our little treasure!

What becomes of Hugo if he embarks on this adventure?

But after several weeks of extra-early morning wake-ups

My wife, who loves cats more than me, has offered him a leg-up.



Erik Kaisson, 2018


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