A solar-powered cat that suns itself by day;

Curled up ‘neath the window, keeps his loneliness at bay.

A raven for the nighttime, sometimes called Lenore,

Carries notes tied to its leg to far forgotten shores.


Every day the writer sits, adds pages to his book,

Unknown by the world as yet, ‘cept random note by rook.

Stroking cat’s cold glassy flank, he wonders where bird goes.

Mechanically purring, cat powers down, it’s batteries low.


Rook returns one winter’s day, its leg-note undelivered;

Writer slow unwraps the note, by open window shivers;

Beneath hand-written note, which he so thoughtfully had rendered,

World writes back with red-inked stamp that says; ‘Return to Sender’.




Erik Kaisson, 2017



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