Girl with one eye closed, running

purple-black, the other streaming

barefoot, bloodied, silent screaming

hands together as if praying

flags a car that comes, now slowing,

begs the man to take her home.


Driver sees the wires binding

wrist-gouged cutting deep, she’s bleeding

no-one else comes by, he’s thinking

leaves her hands bound now, scheming,

ignores her prayers, high-pitched screaming,

drags her in and takes her home.


Girl with both eyes closed is singing, 

blackened, bruised, she hangs now swinging

hands together as if diving

up towards his basement ceiling

scissor-cut, her clothes are falling 

prays to God he’ll let her go.


Man with sweating hands is praying

sits with wife and children, dining

while underfoot a girl is twitching

on a rope, blinded and gagging,

Say no to pie, from table rising, 

begs his wife to let him go.


Wife sees how her husband’s flushing, 

To his dungeon how he’s hastening

Reprimands the children, fighting, 

Eat your greens! That noise is nothing

Now clear the table, I must get scrubbing!

Time for bed, so off you go! 



Erik Kaisson, 2017

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