Let’s make this house

into our home

as a symbol

for all to know.

Here’s a family,

our hearth and throne,

where we return

though far we roam.


Let’s make children

and watch them grow.

Teach them the things

that they should know.

Leave us hoping

one day they’ll phone;

place feels empty

just us at home.


Count the winters,

rejoice the Spring,

another year

of newborn things.

Met our grandchild

so bright and bold,

she’s living proof

we’re getting old.


Fill our summers

with newfound things

leave unbroken

what time won’t mend.

Seek your counsel,

My wife and friend.

In this together

Until the end.


Picture faded,

‘cept in my heart;

we’re still together

though we’re apart.

Kids surround me,

they fill this room;

can’t live forever,

I’ll see you soon.




Erik Kaisson, 2017


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