Now you’ve reached the halfway mark: think back, or look ahead?

Hope you’ve hit your straps, because by now you’re halfway dead.

You hate sporting metaphors, so we should use one here:

Life’s a game, so why’s your first-half scoreboard almost clear?


Gone the days when all mistakes were traceable to parents

Yet to come the days when evil genes begin their sequence

With the years (or months, or days) you now have remaining

How many will be wasted on your ass complaining?


Well done mate: went to school, then found the girl to marry

Had some kids, put on weight, and now you’re feeling harried?

Write that fucking book, aren’t you sick of your excuses?

The meaning of life’s a sum: i.e. what it produces.


Where’s your bucket-list, because right now it’s a thimble

Pretend all you want, no-one’s convinced you’re that humble.

You like lists, make one now–but better make it snappy.

Life ends how life begins, with mushy food and nappies.




Erik Kaisson 2017

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